EPC solar project

Grace Renewable Energy is the project partner and primarily responsible for the EPC Solar Project of the Plant. The full form of EPC is an Engineering, Procurement and Construction. In this solar industry of the EPC is used for giving that end–to-end solar service from manipulative the scheme, procuring the components and installing the project. EPC Contractor for solar incorporates choosing the providers of the sun based modules, inverters and other various key things of supplies that are required, and concluding the last structure and give the last yield projection to the customers. The designated Solar EPC Contractor functions as the mediator between the customers and us. Further to satisfy the job of prime contractor, numerous EPCs will thusly choose subcontractors to deal with a great part of the development work that is regularly separated among mechanical and electrical activities.

The EPC Solar Project Contractors are typically delegated by the project designer or the proprietor of the association. The profoundly gifted and dedicated EPC Team at Grace Renewable Solar guarantees the end of each solar plant from idea to authorizing including its activity and upkeep for the total life expectancy of the plant. The organization, throughout the years, has built up a universally certify skill in designing and innovation, obtainment and undertaking the board, developing and dispatching, with a solid direction over resource the executives. Its business model ranges from the obtaining of developed sites to the adjusting and support of finished solar arrays all through its life expectancy.

Solar Panels for Flat Roofs

What angle do solar panels for flat roofs need to be? 

Flat Roof Solar Panels should be at a 20-50 degree edge. This allows Solar Panels mounted on level rooftops to be tilted upwards enough to guarantee they catch, however much daylight as could reasonably be expected. This additionally keeps the exhibit spotless as precipitation will remove surface soil that could reduce panel efficiency. So as to self-clean, the panels should be mounted at an edge of in any event 10 degrees. Regularly installer will utilize a gadget like an A-frame to mount the panels at an edge between 20-50 degrees. A certified installer will almost certainly decide the best pitch for an establishment on your rooftop.


How Do Flat Roof Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels can work very well on a flat roof. Whilst Flat Roof Solar Systems are all the more generally found on business structures, they can positively be fitted to residential properties. The exhibit will utilize a similar kind of Solar Panel as conventional system, but considerations should be made to guarantee it can self-clean in the rain and stay away from harm from strong winds. The pitch of the system will also be considered by the installer to guarantee it can catch the optimum measure of energy from the sun. we are the best supplier of this Flat Roof Solar Panels in India.

Solar PV Module

Grace is produce high-efficiency mono and poly crystalline silicon PV module.Solar PV module constitute the photo voltaic array of a photo voltaic system that generates and supplies solar electricity in commercial and residential application. A single solar cell cannot provide required useful output then increase output power level of a PV system, it is required to connect number of such PV solar cells.Such cells are combined together to form a practical commercially available solar unit which is known as solar PV module.
Solar PV Module

Solar pv module manufacturer is emerging as a major power resource,steadily becoming more affordable and  proving to be more reliable than utilities.The solar pv module supplier effect is the  basic principal process by which a PV cell converts sunlight into electricity When light shine  on a PV cell,it may be reflected,absorbed,or pass right through.The absorbed light generates  electricity.

Solar Pump Manufacture

Solar Module Manufacture are specially designed with latest technology which protects it from sustain adverse weather condition. This technology ideal for remote areas where electricity is not available. Solar Pumps Manufacture and overloaded protection. Solar Pumps is easy installation and maintenance.

Solar Pumps Manufacture are provide with solar modules which store solar energy for operating the pump. widely used at agriculture farms for irrigation purpose, this Solar Pumps Manufacture is stringently tested on various standard quality parameters before the final dispatch in market.

Features of Solar Pumps Manufacture

  • Overloaded protection
  • ideal for remote areas where electricity is not available
  • industrial application


With reduced tariffs, the solar plants costs have lower decidedly in last minor years. While the EPC industry has been constantly radical to cut ranges by arrangement by design innovations & in few matter careful infusion of conditions in non-core areas. In addition cost incisive seemed to be a huge challenge in nearby coming.

At our Company, we felt this pressure from our appreciated clients & alternatively and instead of playing with the affection of plants to in addition cut costs, we select to offer a understand value based on our EPC experience, strong R & D, & modernization energy team. MODULE MOUNTING STRUCTURE

There are some types of MODULE MOUNTING STRUCTURE… Ballasted Mounting Structure, Title Roof Mounting Structure, Flat Roof Mounting Structure, Ground Mounting Structure etc

These products involve Inverter, Inverter Container, and Combine Box. This module mounting structure is applicable in large range & it is also produced as per the requirement of customers. Our Company’s product team has been faithfully fixated on design, development, supply quality & execution of our products.


Additions in technology mean solar installations are now a practical & outlay effective arrangement method of powering areas where mains power is either inaccessible or optical. A solar Panel is made up of a number of Solar Cells connected in lists. Electricity is operated between the front & back of each cell.

The Solar panels are prepared of PV cells. Those are convert sunlight (sun-shine) in to direct spark (DC). Joined into a solar panel, these cells produce sufficient voltage to charge a regular 12 volt battery. How solar system works? The solar systems normally works that the battery rests debited at all times.

The battery stocks the energy developed by the panel systems & powers the annoyance whole day. In Further, energy applicable above this routine demand can be saved to promote the state of the battery, if not earlier fully charged. The opposite applies too. If the efficiency generated doesn’t meet the whole day energy demand of the annoyance.

Solar PV module

The solar PV module is an assembly consisting of various solar cells. The PV module works on the basic principle of converting solar energy into electricity. Solar PV module is becoming an increasing and reliable source of generating energies. The cells absorb the solar light and generate electricity. The solar cells used in the module are made up of silicon material.

solar PV moduleUsed at:

  • House
  • Roof tops
  • Farms
  • Hospitals
  • Buildings
  • Factories

The photo voltaic modules consists of an array of photo voltaic cells that generates solar electricity. They are used to produce solar energy in various intensities. They consists of inverter, battery pack to storage power, wiring and photo voltaic cells. Various solar cells are joined together to from the module. We stand as the most renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter of these solar PV modules.


Inverters in power-electronics introduce to a level of power of reorganization route that produce from a dc voltage source or a dc instant source & disciple it into a balanced ac voltage (Current).. If the Device dc is a Voltage source, the inverter is called a (VSI) voltage source Inverter.

 Our Company’s PV inverter associate practical abacus control technology with decisive power alternation architecture to obtain admirable solar power collection & best-in-level reliability. Single Phase inverter is expanded addressing world’s most progressive MPPT technology functions to maximize the energy available from the connected solar module arrays at any time while in use. SINGLE PHASE INVERTER

The single phase inverter appears with completed-in DC Safety switch, combined rapid stoppage and an accepted twelve-year warranty.

 Highlights Features of Single Phase Inverter:

  • Remarkable Efficiency
  • Small, low weight & Easy to Install
  • Specially produced to work with power optimizers
  • This Inverter Available in various voltage configuration

What is a solar panel?

Solar panels are of two different types: mono-crystalline silicon and poly crystalline silicon. The monocyrstalline silicon crystals are also known as single crystalline silicon. The silicon is converted into bars and then cut into wafers; these panel are made using a single type of silicon crystal. This gives more space for the electrons to move freely and generates more electricity. The solar panels give the highest efficiency as the silicon used for manufacturing them is of highest class.

monocrystalline solar panelFeatures:

  • High efficiency
  • Space efficient
  • Simple construction
  • Long life span
  • Least maintenance
  • Cost-effective

The mono crystalline solar panels are not much negatively affected by the change in temperature when compared to poly crystalline solar panels. As the temperature rises, the moment of the electrons in the silicon will also increase and this in turn will increase the generated electricity. Thus in places where temperature raises these panels out stand the efficiency of poly crystalline solar panels. We stand as the chief manufacturer of solar panels.

Solar panel Installation Company in Ahmedabad

For maximum clients, populous or financial, the shelter is the top district for solar panel Installation. It commonly even now has the structural specifications that the solar panels demand. All that is demanded is mounting hardware and applicable flashing.Solar panel Installation Company in Ahmedabad

If the roof is not available or needed, different types of other mounting options are available, involving shade protected or ground-mount options. Like. Ground pole, trackers or standard ground-mount. solar panel installation company in Ahmadabad is the top for maximum customers, populous or commercial…Our Company is well-known manufacturer of the solar panels for advanced an accurate quality scale of photovoltaic solar panels… The inverter is basically installed near the main panel either indoors or outside.